Audio Sheep Redux

Audio sheep 'redux'

In an era when sampling is often the foundation of music, DDS set out to 'sample' their own material from a comprehensive collection of tapes ,both reel-to-reel and cassette. What emerges on Audio Sheep is a complete reworking of original sketches, fused with elements from a vast library of tapes,employing digital manipulation of both sound and structure.

This is NOT a digital version of the (NMW) vinyl album, but a completely new exploration of the DDS sound. Available on CD direct from Bandcamp, selected retail outlets and digital stores such as Amazon, iTunes & Google Play in mp3 format .

REVIEWS. (see also 'Press').

'I love the fact that this north-east duo have quotes from French surrealist poets and symbolists all over their website and CD packaging. It shows that they think about stuff; have a grounding in what they’re trying to do. And this is reflected in an album which sounds like the early work of 70s avant-gardists Faust being fed through an array of loop effects. Among the gentle discordancy and obtuse rhythms emerges moments of delicate beauty and wonder. There’s unlikely to be a ‘dumdum Score Week’ on X-Factor any time soon, but if you enjoy a bit of out-on-a-limb experimentation, then track them down.' THE CRACK Magazine

'The most fascinating aspect of the album consists of its dense atmospheric aspect, which sounds like the production would totally match with a visual performance. “Going Under Again” is one of the strongest examples in the genre. The mysterious sound atmospheres throughout the production are intriguing, holding the listener in their grip while facing an imaginary story.' Sideline Magazine
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